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Judo classes for children

The Dojo Martial Arts Training Center understands that teaching children requires the proper mix of discipline, compassion and gentleness.

Held at The Dojo Martial Arts Training Center

What is Judo?
Judo is a martial art, a physical and mental discipline, and an Olympic sport. Judo was founded in 1882, in Japan, by Professor Jigoro Kano. He envisioned Judo as a way of becoming physically and mentally fit through disciplined training. Judo is composed of a combination of techniques from various martial arts that Professor Kano had mastered and is designed so that it could be practiced by all ages, both male and female. Judo is safe and does not involve any kicking or striking techniques. It is an excellent activity to increase physical fitness, self-esteem and self-defense.

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Interesting Facts about Judo:

  • Men's Judo has been in the Olympics since 1964; Women's Judo was a demonstration sport in the Seoul Olympics and has been a full medal sport since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
  • Judo is the widely practiced martial art on the planet.
  • Judo is the second most practiced sport worldwide (Soccer is #1).
  • According to the American college of Sports Medicine, Judo is the safest contact sport for children under age 13.
  • U. S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell was captain of the 1964 Olympic Judo Team.
  • WWE Wrestler "Bad News Brown" is Allen Coage, 1976 Olympic Bronze Medalist.
  • Actress Hillary Wolf (Home Alone I &II) is a 1996 Olympian ranked #1 in the USA.
  • Theodore Roosevelt became a brown belt in Judo during his administration and actor James Cagney was a black belt in Judo.

2007 Challenge held at the Dojo
Held at The Dojo Martial Arts Training Center

All of this builds self confidence, discipline coordination,speed, strength, balance and
a better attitude!

Start any time.


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